Whole30 or Bust?

Well, I know I posted about Intuitive Eating, but it doesn’t help to eat Intuitively if your intuition hasn’t been properly calibrated. That being said, I’ve decided to give this Whole30 thing a go to see if it can help with that. It’s pretty strict on what you can’t have, and normally I’m against restrictions, but in truth this is… Read more →

Oprah! (And dieting)

This article was posted a couple of days ago. In it, it talks about Oprah’s stake in Weight Watchers, her journey with dieting, and why it’s fruitless. I’m also going to add to this that my Uncle and Aunt are both Weight Watchers instructors and believe in it whole-heartedly. I’ve had friends who’ve lost weight on it. I think for… Read more →

Hedy Lamarr on Google

I’m sure everyone’s seen today’s Google Doodle about Hedy Lamaar.  If not, watch it here: One would hope it’d be common knowledge by now how amazing she was. Not only was she a glamorous actress, but she was an inventor. Her work against the Nazis in WWII led to some of the technology we rely on today. Here’s a blurb… Read more →

Secret Identity!

As many of you who have listened to Orange Lounge Radio know, I go by a stage name or pseudonym on the show: Jamie Summers. I also go by my long-time Internet nickname, DarkSakura. There are a good number of reasons I do this, and why online anonymity goes a long way to protect people. (It also goes a long… Read more →

Science Ninja Team Gatchaman

Courtesy of Model Sheets on Twitter  and Anime-Cel and my buddy Ranma. These are three model sheets of Jun that were done before the first series.  Notice how her jersey sports a giant “2” on it!   Could she have been the original #2 team member?  Every other image clearly marks her as #3. By the way, her job is listed… Read more →